Dec.4 — “Scarlet beads dripped over her collarbone.”

Dec. 5 — “A flighty thing with broken wings.”

Dec. 6 — “Friend request from an ex. Accept?”

Dec. 7 — “Bent out of shape. Reason: unknown.”

Dec. 8 — “The cold, white snow turned crimson.”

Dec. 9 — “Pin pricks on faded map dots.”

Dec. 10 — “First love lost is never found.”

Dec. 11 — “Dark silence stifled her last lullaby.”

Dec. 12 — “His grizzly whiskers clogged the sink.”

Dec. 13 — “Age warped his sterling wedding ring.”

Dec. 14 — “Wanted: Men without self-destructive vices.”

Dec. 15 —…

Polina Rosewood

Educator, art lover & adventure seeker

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