Dec.4 — “Scarlet beads dripped over her collarbone.”

Dec. 5 — “A flighty thing with broken wings.”

Dec. 6 — “Friend request from an ex. Accept?”

Dec. 7 — “Bent out of shape. Reason: unknown.”

Dec. 8 — “The cold, white snow turned crimson.”

Dec. 9 — “Pin pricks on…

“We want to put everything in black and white, but I love the gray areas.”

Marilyn Minter challenged the status quo for decades as a painter, photographer, and video artist with her unique blend of grit and glamour. Born in 1948 to a substance-abusing mother and absent father, Minter derived artistic inspiration from her unusual upbringing.

As an undergraduate photography student at the University of…

From Peter Pan to Pocahontas.

From left: Princess Tiger Lily, Indian Chief and Peter Pan as depicted in the 1953 film. ©Walt Disney Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection.

Disney has faced many controversies concerning the depictions of Native American characters in their media productions. The portrayal of Native Americans in children’s movies, specifically the Disney films Peter Pan (1953) and Pocahontas (1995) are not only stereotypical but also dehumanizing and often completely inaccurate.

Forest wives in Hemingway’s novel ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ and Paramount Vantage Pictures’ 2008 film ‘Defiance.’

Aseal Bielski’s marriage to Chaya at the forest camp in Defiance. The wedding day provides an escape not just for the couple but for all of the members of the camp, giving the people a break from worry and work to celebrate companionship and love amidst suffering.

Since the earliest years of American film, the movie industry has been profiting greatly from the production of war films, experiencing a dramatic rise in popularity after the end of World War II. Feeding off of the patriotic sentimentality of the American people, production companies made films that glorified the…

Analyzing ‘Canyon,’ one of the artist’s most famous works.

Robert Rauschenberg, “Canyon,” 1959. Oil, pencil, paper, metal, photograph, fabric, wood, canvas, buttons,
mirror, taxidermied eagle, cardboard, pillow, paint tube and other materials. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Upon seeing Rauschenberg’s Canyon for the first time, I recall feeling both confused and revolted. As my fifteen-year-old eyes analyzed the piece, I couldn’t help but question the sanity of the artist. Why would a sound man taxidermy an eagle, fasten the stuffed bird to a pedestal and call it…

Examining perennialism and progressivism as philosophical approaches to public education.

Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

In Teachers, Schools, and Society, authors David Sadker and Karen Zittleman explore five educational philosophies that have greatly influenced and shaped public schooling policies and practices in the United States: essentialism, perennialism, progressivism, social reconstructionism, and existentialism.

As Sadker and Zittleman explain, “although there are some similarities, there are also…

A free tool that removes reading barriers.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

General education teachers in all content areas are responsible for adapting their teaching strategies and content delivery systems to meet the individual needs of all students, especially those with disabilities. This can be particularly challenging when working with students who struggle to read and understand printed materials.

In the past…

Junipero Serra’s controversial legacy as founder and father of California’s Catholic mission system.

Father Junipero Serra, Mission Santa Barbara, California. Photo By: Citizens Of The Planet/UIG Via Getty Images.

What is now present-day California once belonged to the Kingdom of Spain during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This vast area, along with Mexico and parts of the American southwest, were under Spanish rule. Spain sought to control Native American tribes within this region so they could establish…

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